The Sagaform Liquor Glasses Feature a Curved Design for Proper Aeration

 - Feb 13, 2016
References: sagaform & coolhunting
The Sagaform liquor glasses feature an exclusive curved shape at the base of the glass designed specifically for providing proper aeration to whiskey. The tumblers are structured to make the swirling tasting process much easier and seamless with a shape that naturally allows for air to stimulate the aged drink.

When drinking whiskey it is customary to let the liquor aerate by swirling the liquid inside a tumbler to properly open up the flavors. The rounded base of the Sagaform glasses helps to naturally encourage this process from the moment the drink is poured with a curved base that does not rest flat. The glass is constantly tilted to an angle so that the drink can properly open up its flavors, providing a better tasting whiskey experience.