The Upslope Barrel Aged Beer Contains a Sweet Flavor of Vanilla and Cinnamon

 - Feb 2, 2016
References: upslopebrewing & uncrate
The Upslope Barrel Aged Stout offers an unconventional flavor profile rich in a milky texture and sweet aromas. The beer is made using a lactose sugar in the brewing process that gives the dark beer a rich and creamy texture quiet unlike anything currently on the market. The creamy consistency is paired with sweet and spiced notes that complement the drink's aged flavor profile.

Typically stout beers are dark and complex in flavors, but the Upslope Brewing Company offers a slightly unique taste with the combination of lactose sugar and malt. The beer is fermented in whiskey barrels as well, that give the drink a rich and robust aroma as it steeps for several months in the wooden liquor vats. The drink is then further sweetened with notes of cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla.