This Flat Aerator Folds into a Wine Bottle to Properly Air the Beverage

Adding an element of simplicity to the wine drinking experience are the Soft Aerating Pourers designed by the MoMa Store that turn a traditional solid aerator into a flat-pack sheet that is pliable enough to roll into the neck of the bottle. The convenience of the flat-pack design allows these aerators to be cost-effective, portable and functional.

The Soft Aerating Pourers feature an innovative flat design made from food-grade plastic cut into a teardrop shape. The top of the aerator is perforated, so when the teardrop is rolled into the bottle neck it allows air to circulate throughout the wine. The rolled edge of the device also ensures that each pour is spill-free.

Due to the flexible design of the Soft Aerating Pourer, it can constantly be reused and fit inside a variety of bottle sizes.