The Chamoy Snow Cone Contains Notes Savory Spice and Tequilla

 - May 25, 2016
References: sheknows
This frozen cocktail recipe by Heather Barnett featured on lifestyle blog She Knows shares an adult-friendly version of the popular carnival treat of snow cones that is redesigned for more mature palettes with the addition of spice, savory notes and alcohol. The cocktail, dubbed the Chamoy Snow Cone, combines multiple contrasting flavors and textures to create a refreshing summer drink.

Snow cones are nostalgic for many adults, and are often served with fruity flavors drizzled over the crushed ice. This cocktail recipe makes use of the same shredded ice presentation, but enhances the flavor with the addition of tequila and spiced peppers. The beverage contains a homemade chamoy simple syrup made from chilli powder, red pepper flakes and apricot jam. The syrup is served overtop of a crushed ice round served in a martini glass along with a tequila that forms a refreshing cocktail as the ice melts. The dish can be enjoyed solid or when it is turned to liquid.