The BOx Drinking Tool Texts Friends to Join in When a Beverage is Cracked

 - May 19, 2016
References: bottleopenerx & digitaltrends
The BOx is a digital drinking tool that is designed to cultivate a communal atmosphere when a beverage is cracked open. The device is a bottle opener with a tech-enhanced features that is able to send messages to friends when it senses a bottle has been opened, with the attempt to ensure that consumers are never left drinking alone.

Drinking is often times a social activity at heart, and the BOx helps make the gathering that much easier to set up. The device is essentially an upscale bottle opener at its core, with a sleek and ergonomic wooden handle. The inside of the BOx contains a Wi-Fi board that is able to send alerts to friends that the user has opened a beverage, inviting them to join.