The South Korean Gyeondyo Bar is a Soothing Hangover Ice Cream Bar

 - May 24, 2016
References: eater & refinery29
This hangover ice cream from Korea is supposed to make you feel better after a big night out fuelled by large quantities of alcohol. The hangover cure takes the form of an ice cream bar, available from a South Korean convenience store chain.

The Gyeondyo Bar, which approximately (and aptly) translates to 'hang in there,' has a grapefruit flavor and contains oriental raisin tree fruit extract. The raisin tree fruit has been used as a cure for hangovers since the 1600s.

This product builds into South Korea's $126 million a year hangover cure industry, which also includes pills and soups to sooth the effects of drinking. Even though South Korea has the biggest number of alcohol consumers per capita, the hangover ice cream could prove lucrative internationally as well.