This High Quality Vodka Infuses The Unexpected Taste of Fog

 - May 24, 2016
References: time & mashable
'Hangar One' is a California-based distillery company that created a high quality vodka experience that is made with fog from San Francisco.

Called 'Fog Point,' the vodka is distilled using fog instead of water, creating a subtle yet noticeable change in its flavor. The distillers have claimed that the fog gives the vodka a more "earthy note" and is said to carry citrus and honeysuckle flavors as well.

Hangar One includes a promotional video for its quality vodka creation as well. In the video, the brand explains that the use of fog makes the product more environmentally friendly as water is not wasted in the distilling process. This product would be popular among consumers looking to contribute to water conservation efforts as well as those who have a pallet for unique flavor notes.