The 'Ass Kicker' from Viscous Coffee Contains 5 Grams of Caffeine

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: facebook & mashable
The 'Ass Kicker,' a coffee option from Adelaide, Australia's 'Viscous Cafe,' contains as much caffeine as more than 80 normal cups of coffee.

A large cup of Ass Kicker contains five grams of caffeine, while a normal cup of coffee has somewhere in the range of 40 milligrams. This insanely high level of caffeine is achieved through combining as much coffee as possible into the creation of the drink. Viscous Cafe first pours pure espresso over cold drip ice cubes, then adds textured milk, cold drip drizzle, and more cold drip ice cubes.

The result purportedly tastes more like toffee than coffee. But this sweetness shouldn't encourage drinkers to imbibe immediately; drinking the Ass Kicker too quickly can have serious health effects (especially for those with high blood pressure or heart conditions.)