The 'Cheaster Egg' by Ford Farms is a Hybrid of Chocolate and Cheese

 - Mar 25, 2017
References: fordfarm & thesun
In some traditions, cheese is meant to be served on Easter Sunday, but Ford Farms is introducing a new kind of Easter cheese product—the 'Cheaster Egg—that makes it acceptable to eat cheese at anytime close to the holiday.

As its name suggests, the product is a hybrid that includes elements of both classic chocolate Easter eggs and cheese. The Cheaster Egg boasts a sweet and savory profile, which comes from combining Wensleydale cheese with raspberry and white chocolate curls.

On Facebook, customers of the supermarket chain were invited to cast their vote on whether a cheddar and white chocolate Cheaster Egg, or a Wensleydale, raspberry and white chocolate Cheaster Egg should be launched. The winning 300-gram Cheaster Egg is now being sold in stores for £3.