Nanna's Donut Packaging is Easily Portable and Prevents Sticky Fingers

 - Feb 4, 2016
Donuts are usually sold by the dozen, but this donut packaging from Nanna's makes it much easier for an individual to indulge on the go, without having to make a trip to the bakery first.

The donuts are part of Nanna's on-the-go range and includes a number of intriguing flavors, from Jam Ball to Caramel Carnival and Strawberries & Cream. Since these donut packs were designed with the utmost convenience in mind, they can be found at select gas stations and convenience stores.

In addition to selling individually packaged donuts that are ideal for those who are concerned with portion control, Nanna's also offers a sealed set of four sticky glazed donuts, which provides a perfect snack for sharing.