The Tella Balls Dessert Bar Subsitutes Savory Ingredients with Sweet

 - Jun 3, 2016
References: instagram & mentalfloss
Tellabab is a fast casual pita eatery located in Sydney, Australia that offers a uniquely sweet take on the traditional Mediterranean wrap by substituting salty ingredients with sugary alternatives such as chocolate, fruit and whipped cream. Despite the shift in taste, the dish is presented in the same format and meant to be eaten by hand.

The Tella Balls Dessert Bar is a sweet version of the wrap that is presented as a traditional kebab with new and sugary ingredients. The pita is replaced with a freshly fried flattened donut that is topped with whipped cream instead of tzatziki, sliced fruits instead of vegetables, chocolate shavings and Nutella.

By experimenting with contrasting ingredients, eateries and QSR brands can offer consumers food pairings that are seemingly familiar in format but fresh in taste to evoke a new eating experience.