This Elite Foodie Dish Combines Carnival Food with Japanese Cuisine

 - Apr 16, 2016
References: facebook & foodiggity
British food site Twisted has put together a decadent food fusion that combines American and Japanese cuisine in innovative ways to create the deep fried Sushi Corndog. The meal brings together Japanese rolls in the format of a deep fried carnival dish popular at fairs and sport arenas. The combination of street food with more sophisticated rolls brings together a contrast of flavors, textures as well as food classification in a unique way.

The Sushi Corndog is a hybrid meal that combines two contrasting cuisines to present sushi in a deep fried format that can be enjoyed without utensils. The dish features a roll of shrimp and avocado sushi filled with rice and seaweed that is battered, deep fried and served on a pair of chopsticks. The fried sushi roll is meant to be eaten like a traditional corndog is -- without any utensils.