The New Burrito El Diablo Features a Spicy Surprise Inside

 - Apr 30, 2016
References: carlsjr & chewboom
Carl's Jr. and Hardee's recently introduced a new menu item called the 'Burrito El Diablo,' which puts a clever twist on the chain's popular Thickburger El Diablo. The hearty burrito corresponds with the growing demand for hybrid food items that provide a fun new way to enjoy familiar food items.

The Burrito El Diablo is a hybrid dish that combines jalapeño poppers with traditional burrito toppings. There are two versions of the burrito, with one specific to each location. Both feature a choice of chicken of beef, in addition to jalapeño poppers, salsa and spicy habanero sauce. The only difference is that the Red Burrito offered at Hardee's is finished on the grill, while the Green Burrito available from Carl's Jr. doesn't receive the same grill treatment.