Mexico's Azul Restaurantes Offers a Gourmet Menu of Healthy Eats

 - Jun 22, 2016
Changing its menu according to season, Azul Restaurantes aims to dispel the unhealthy stereotypes that can traditionally be associated with Mexican cuisine. Created with locally sourced and high quality ingredients, each of the restaurant's dishes embodies the spirit and flavors of Mexico while keeping nutrition in mind.

Rather than spotlighting casual fare like tacos or fajitas, Azul Restaurantes opts for old world favorites that are remixed for a modern audience. Some notables include spatter deer, fish tikin and black and white pipián mole dishes that fuse taste with authenticity, following recipes that often don't get recognition on a global scale.

Celebrating the craft that goes into each dish, this Mexican restaurant also hosts monthly food festival and workshop events, spotlighting different ingredients each time and teaching patrons about the history of where their meal comes from.