Taco Bell's New Steakhouse Burrito is an Entire Meal in One Wrap

 - Nov 17, 2016
References: reddit & chewboom
Taco Bell recently debuted a new menu item called the Steakhouse Burrito, which brings together all the elements of a full steak dinner in one handheld dish. Unlike the chain's other steak-centric items, this new burrito is chocked full of hearty extras that will leave consumers feeling full and satisfied.

The new Steakhouse Burrito is a hefty wrap that is ideal for those with big appetites. The wrap consists of a double portion of Taco Bell's marinated steak, pieces of crispy bacon, fluffy potato bites, sour cream and a portion of the new Green Chile Queso sauce for added heat. The zesty queso is the star ingredient, as it gives the burrito a flavorful kick and a deliciously cheesy texture.

For those who looking for even more ways to enjoy Taco’s Bell’s new queso, the chain is also offering Steakhouse Nachos doused with the spicy cheese sauce.