Sweet Earth Food's Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches Include Mock Meat

As an alternative to most of the frozen breakfast sandwiches on the market that include real meat, Sweet Earth Foods created a new four-piece product collection with all vegetarian-friendly options.

In the place of real ham, sausage or bacon, Sweet Earth Foods' new range of Breakfast Sandwiches includes its own mock meat products, such as Harmless Ham, Benevolent Bacon and Meatless Sausage. These meatless patties are paired with other ingredients like smoked gouda, kale pesto and sun-dried tomato spreads on flaxbread buns.

Although there is no meat to be found in these frozen breakfast sandwiches from Sweet Earth Foods, the products are still packed with flavor and are able to provide between 15 and 27 grams of protein from other natural sources.