Dry Brew Makes Coffee Chews for Mess-Free, On-the-Go Energy

 - Apr 21, 2017
References: uk.businessinsider
Dry Brew produces what it calls 'The Coffee Chew,' which provides the amount of caffeine that's equivalent to drinking about two thirds of a cup of regular coffee.

Ingredients in the solid coffee chews are real coffee, non-dairy creamer and a zero-calorie sweetener. The chewable candies boast 35 calories, which is more than a standard black cup of coffee, but may be about on par with a coffee beverage with milk, sugar or creamer added.

As an alternative to hot liquid coffee, which has the potential to spill and stain, many java lovers are turning to solid coffee-infused products. In the same that that Dry Brew prides itself on being a producer of "Waterless Coffee," Nootrobox makes caffeinated gummy candies called 'Go Cubes,' and Java Me Up makes coffee snack bars that are branded as "Coffee That Never Spills."