The Little Kernel's S'mores Flavor Blends Popcorn and Marshmallows

The Little Kernel recently expanded its gluten-free mini popcorn range with an all-new S'mores flavor—with mini marshmallows alongside the tiny kernels popped with 100% olive oil.

True to the taste of S'mores, this new popcorn snack is said to satisfy with a blend of toasted marshmallow and chocolate flavors. Health-conscious consumers will also appreciate that the snack is free from dairy and GMO ingredients.

Although S'mores have been a favorite campfire snack for years, the combination of flavors is now coming to stand on its own and is serving as the inspiration for a number of crossover snack products. For instance, Thomas recently launched S'mores Mini Bagels and the Edwards S’mores Crème Pie introduces the iconic flavors of the treat in a frozen format.