Suja's New Organic Kombucha is Boosted with Functional Adaptogens

 - Aug 12, 2017
References: sujajuice & sujajuice
There are already many ginger kombucha beverages on the market, but Suja Juice is now setting itself apart from the rest by introducing an all-new organic kombucha that is fortified by functional adaptogenic ingredients. As Suja Juice CEO and co-founder Jeff Church says: "We may not be the first company to come to market with a kombucha, but we knew that we could do it in a way that was more transparent, functional, and affordable than current options."

The fermented tea beverage from Suja is rich in probiotics, as well as the superfood and adaptogen ashwagandha, plus lemon juice and cane sugar. In all, the beverage boasts no added flavors or concentrates and is certified non-alcoholic.

Adaptogenic ingredients are now being incorporated into a variety of food and beverage products for their incredible abilities to help people manage stress and fight fatigue.