The zümXR Shots will Provide Energy for Longer Periods

 - Aug 9, 2017
References: preparedfoods
The alternative energy food and beverage market is expanding fast to keep up with consumer demand, which is seeing new products being released like the zümXR Caffeine Shots. The new beverages are made with the brand's Targeted Release Caffeine Technology that will help to provide a steady stream of energy rather than just an initial boost. This means that a single dose of the beverage could provide ample energy for extended periods rather than requiring the person to consume one after another.

The technology within the zümXR Caffeine Shots was explained by the VP of Product Development at PLT Health Solutions, Sid Hulse, when he said, "Our testing has shown that, quite often, the extended release materials we see on the market either give up too much caffeine too quickly, or don't give up enough caffeine at all – making it less experiential. The zümXR approach has been developed using pharma modeling techniques for our dissolution design with USP methodologies used to measure performance."