'Polar' Released a Collection of Mythically Inspired Seltzer Waters

Worcester-based beverage brand 'Polar' released a line of mythically inspired seltzer waters.

After a sold-out release of its 'Unicorn Kisses' calorie-free seltzer water, Polar added three more flavors to its 'Impossibly Good Polar Seltzer' project. The new flavors consist of 'Dragon Whispers,' 'Yeti Mischief' and 'Mermaid Songs.' It is unknown what flavor profile these new additions will translate to, but that shouldn't deter fans from seeking out these limited-edition sodas. The new flavors will only be available in six packs of eight-ounce junior cans.

Seeing as the previous run of Unicorn Kisses is selling for $80 per six-pack on eBay, the new flavors of this mythically inspired seltzer water are likely to fly off the shelves.