Jones College's 'Beer Bike' Race Pairs Legs of a Cycling Relay with Beer

 - Oct 12, 2016
A cycling relay like the Tour de France or the Giro d'Italia is a grueling test of speed and stamina, but Rice University's Jones College's Beer Bike Race tests competitors in a very different way. The Beer Bike Race is a cycling relay, but at each point in the race, a teammate needs to chug a beer.

The basic format of the Beer Bike Race is simple. It is divided into ten legs, with a different cyclist pedaling for each of the legs. However, before the next cyclist can begin their section of the race, another (non-cycling) teammate needs to chug a beer.

For college students with an increasing interest in fitness as well as drinking culture, the Jones College Beer Bike Race is a good way to combine the best of both worlds.