'The Dark Night' is a Dark, Detoxifying Drink Served at Minnow

 - Jun 30, 2017
References: minnowbaltimore & baltimoresun
Minnow Baltimore is a seafood restaurant that serves a unique cocktail drink called 'The Dark Night.' The simple, three-ingredient cocktail is prepared with Ransom Old Tom gin, Jack Rudy Tonic and about a half a teaspoon of charcoal, which gives the drink its distinctive black coloring. The cocktail is served with a bright yellow lemon peel garnish, which only serves to draw attention to the dark coloring of the drink.

Like Minnow, many bars and restaurants are launching menu items with superfood ingredients as a means of intriguing health-conscious consumers. As the antithesis to an influx of rainbow-colored food and beverage products that have appeared over the last few months, a number of all-black refreshments have also been launched.