BLU Premium Drinks in Tequila and Mojito are Alcohol-Free

 - Feb 15, 2017
References: bluaustralia
As an alternative to producing genuine alcoholic drinks, Australia's BLU Premium Drinks specializes in energy drinks, including what it calls "the world's first cocktail-inspired energy drink."

BLU's Tequila and Mojito energy drink flavors remind of the classic alcohol varieties, but boast 100% alcohol-free formulas. As well as being free from alcohol, the energy drinks also exclude Glucuronolactone and Inositol. B Vitamins are abundant in the energy drinks from BLU, including everything from B2 and B6 to B12 in a base of Glacial Water.

These energy drinks set themselves apart by being created specifically for nightlife and for the purpose of making lively cocktail mixers. As BLU describes, "The flavours delight the taste buds, without the aftertaste or caffeine let down."