The New 1893 Pepsi-Cola Flavors are Unexpected

 - Mar 24, 2017
References: preparedfoods
The original 1893 Pepsi-Cola that launched in the spring of last year was positioned as an old-fashioned high-end alternative that celebrates the brand's roots, so the new 1893 Pepsi-Cola flavors come as a way to extend this product lineup.

The new flavors in the 1893 Pepsi-Cola product line includes Citrus Cola and Black Currant Cola that are crafted with a distinct focus on blending the flavors of both the past and present.

The new 1893 Pepsi-Cola flavors are positioned as a suitable beverage to enjoy on its own or as an ingredient to mix into a cocktail. This makes them an inherently fresh beverage from the brand that is targeted towards Millennial consumers who are looking for a refreshing, premium take on their favorite products of the past.