'Big Boy' Specializes in Creating Natural Skincare Products for Men

 - Sep 9, 2017
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'Big Boy' is a Sicilian grooming brand that makes a range of handcrafted skincare products for men with an emphasis on drawing from the art of Sicilian craftsmanship and ingredients. Some of the nourishing natural ingredients that power the products include Sicilian olive and almond oil, as well as beeswax and shea oil.

The brand's range of simply named products includes items like a Shaving Gel, a Beard Wash, a Moisturizing Cream, as well as a Beard Balm, all of which are branded in packages that emphasize masculine colors and details.

Alongside its assortment of individual personal care products, Big Boy also packages sets "For the Shaving Man" or "For the Bearded Man," which make it incredibly easy for male consumers to find the exact grouping of products that will best fit their needs.