Whiskey River Soap Co. Created a Frito Pie-Scented 'Soap for Foodies'

 - Oct 19, 2017
References: whiskeyriversoap
While there have been many scented soap products created over the years, especially those that boast alluring food scents, Whiskey River Soap Co. launched a unique variety it calls 'Soap for Foodies.'

Although each and every bar from Whiskey River Soap Co. is handmade and complete unique in terms of its look and shape, all of the colorfully striped Soap for Foodies bars are said to mimic the distinctive smell of frito pie.

In the branding of the product, Whiskey River Soap Co. touches on the influence of social media in the foodie community, referencing the many food-themed posts that are shared to Instagram in its product description: "You eat well. I don't know you personally, but I know everything you've eaten for the last three years."