The MSTRMIND 'APEX Wallet 2.0' Mens Wallets are RFID-Proof and Slim

 - Feb 14, 2017
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
Virtually every payment card out there now features RFID technology, so the MSTRMIND 'APEX Wallet 2.0' mens wallets are designed to help prevent against wireless theft. Featuring a theft-proof design, the MSTRMIND 'APEX Wallet 2.0' wallets utilize a quick-draw design in order to enable access to cards and cash.

The MSTRMIND 'APEX Wallet 2.0' wallets come backed by a lifetime guarantee and are crafted with an all-metal construction that is made possible thanks to precision machining. The mens wallets feature no straps or elastics which ensures that they will truly last a lifetime when used regularly.

The MSTRMIND 'APEX Wallet 2.0' wallets come in black and silver color options, and can fit into virtually any pocket or bag without having to feel weighed down by your gear.