The Pébiott Artisanal Wooden Shoes Encourage Healthy Feet

 - Nov 6, 2017
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
Wooden shoes are associated with traditions of the past, but the Pébiott Artisanal Wooden Shoes look to bring them back into relevancy for modern consumers. Featuring a sturdy wooden sole, the shoes are designed to keep your feet as healthy as possible by supporting your foot as well as your ankle. The sandal design of the shoe helps your feet breathe, while the rugged design makes them ideal for walking long distances without feeling fatigue.

The Pébiott Artisanal Wooden Shoes are Swiss made and will conform to your foot with wear to make them a customized piece of footwear that harken back to the traditional shoes of people from long ago. The shoes come in several color options and will work to provide your feet with optimal comfort at all times.