The Corkcicle Cigar Glass Holds Your Drink and a Stogie

 - Oct 31, 2017
References: rebrickerstudio & yankodesign
Whiskey and cigars go together perfectly, so the Corkcicle Cigar Glass looks to merge them together in a new way that will be appreciated by connoisseurs the world over. The glass is the design work of Ryan Bricker for Corkcicle and features a squared design that has had a circular notch incorporated into the side portion. This allows a stogie to be perfectly positioned when it isn't being smoked to eliminate the need to place it on an ashtray.

The Corkcicle Cigar Glass can also act as a way to smoke your cigar directly while drinking so long as it's long enough to extend through the entirety of the glass. The glass comes as the followup to the Whiskey Wedge glass that was also designed by Bricker.