Sabatino Tartufi's 'Truffle Soy Sauce' Adds an Upscale Twist to Dishes

While it is quite common to find infused olive oils and other kinds of sauces on the market, Sabatino Tartufi created an infused soy sauce that can be used as a sophisticated alternative to the conventional version of the condiment.

As Sabatino Tartufi notes, the Truffle Soy Sauce can be used on everything from rice and sushi to dumplings, edamame and marinades. The innovative soy sauce seasoning was recently recognized as a FABI Award recipient at this year's National Restaurant Association Show.

Just as Sabatino Tartufi has created this elegant Truffle Soy Sauce, other brands are releasing upleveled versions of familiar food and beverage products simply by adding one or two luxury ingredients that have the potential to transform the entire eating or drinking experience.