The New Brooklyn Delhi Achaar Flavors are Artisanal

 - May 24, 2018
References: brooklyndelhi & preparedfoods
The new Brooklyn Delhi achaar flavors have been unveiled by the Brooklyn, New York-based brand as an expansion of existing lineup to offer consumers new options to enjoy.

The pickled condiment is now available in 'Roasted Garlic Achaar' and 'Tomato Achaar' flavors, and can be used with dishes like eggs, tacos, curry, sandwiches and much more. The new condiment flavors are reported to be quite satisfying with a focus on tangy, savory profiles to help consumers explore flavorings they might not otherwise consider trying.

The new Brooklyn Delhi 'Roasted Garlic Achaar' and 'Tomato Achaar' flavors are the winner of FABI awards from the National Restaurant Association, and are likely to become a favorite amongst consumers seeking out premium artisan condiments.