The 'Deconstructed Martini' Experience Lets Bar Patrons Make a Cocktail

 - Aug 14, 2015
References: crystalheadvodka & barmagazine
Knowing that many consumers want to be served experiences more than simply handed a drink, Crystal Head Vodka is now offering a new way for bar-goers to make a cocktail.

'Deconstructed Martini' takes the form of a tray that's equipped with miniature alcohol bottles and shakers, so that a sample-sized drink can be mixed and garnished on the spot to a patron's specifications. Since the process of ordering and mixing a drink can be daunting, bartenders will be able to give guidance on how much to dilute a drink, how long to shake it or the instances when a drink should be garnished with an olive versus a lime.

The Deconstructed Martini experience will be offered up at three London venues, bringing theatrical experiences to the bar.