A Percentage of Divona's Perfumes Sales Go to Women's Charities

 - Jun 22, 2017
References: divona.co & kickstarter
Divona's unique, personalized scents offer more than just a pleasant fragrance. Though the carefully crafted, persona-driven perfumes in Divona's line are worthwhile in their own right, the company takes pride in contributing to important charity efforts as well. $2 from every purchase of Divona perfume goes toward helping women who are rebuilding their lives after overcoming domestic abuse or human trafficking.

Surviving domestic violence or human trafficking is an immeasurably terrible challenge in and of itself, and yet the journey is far from over for women who've been through such ordeals. These survivors effectively need to restart their lives from scratch, and Divona is helping them to do so by donating care packages funded by the $2 donations that come from the sales of its perfume. The care packages include basics like socks, lotion, shampoo, soap, and scarves, as well as comfort and support in the form of therapy, gratitude workbooks, journals, candles, and more.