These Boucheron Perfumes are Inspired by Famous Cities

 - Mar 30, 2017
These Boucheron perfumes are part of the jewelry brand's signature 'Fragrance Collection,' consisting of scents that pay homage to the Middle East and other geographical regions. Consisting of six handcrafted fragrances, this collection is a nod to iconic cities like Zanzibar, Alexandria, Carthage and Madras.

In addition to its use of Madras-inspired ylang-ylang aromas, this collection of Boucheron perfumes also includes patchouli, white musk and vanilla ingredients that pay homage to sunny Sicily.

Made up of both sweet and spicy fragrance offerings, this perfume range is eclectic, authentic and artisanal. Each of its uniquely blended scents is packaged in a minimalist bottle, that boasts a gilded and sculptural cap. This cap is a quiet nod to the aesthetic of Boucheron's timeless jewelry pieces.