This DIY Smudge Sticks Tutorial is a Light, Fragrant Way to Clear the Air

 - Nov 30, 2015
References: gardenista
This tutorial for DIY smudge sticks makes it easy to create your own delicate bundles like the ready-made ones you can buy in-store. The step-by-step tutorial provides a homemade alternative to incense and scented candles that may overwhelm anyone with particularly delicate senses.

In order to make your own DIY smudge sticks, the materials needed are minimal. Those materials include dry sage leaves and twine, meaning the majority of the labor is involved in shaping them into tight bundles. Notably, the sage leaves should be dry so that they do not get moldy.

Although this tutorial is for creating sage smudge sticks, a variety of herbs and flowers can tied and transformed into aromatic bundles.