The Candleman Votive Appears to Be a Melting Sitting Figure

 - Sep 27, 2015
References: & contemporist
Innovative design firm Art N Design located in Korea came up with these intriguing pillar candle designs that look like a sitting figure named Candleman that is mediating. When lit, the candles melt away at the sitting figure giving the illusion that the person finding peace is slowly disintegrating.

Candleman is a surrealist votive design that incorporates the human body into the traditionally simple cylinder shape. While the top portion of the candle looks conventional, the base features a cross-legged sitting body with palms facing towards the sky as if in deep mediation and stillness. Once the candle is lit, the wax begins to fall on the figure's lap. According to Art N Design, "Candleman is a candle made based on the personified character of a candle and the world’s first platform candle grafting platform method."