The Cheero Sleepion Targets All the Senses for Better Sleep

 - May 11, 2016
References: japantrendshop & 7gadgets
The Cheero Sleepion sleeping device is designed to give users the ability to maintain a consistent sleep schedule without having to rely on pills or other aids. Focusing on sensory stimulation, the Cheero Sleepion produces soothing sounds, therapeutic light and sleep-oriented fragrances to make sleep come quicker and be more restorative.

The Cheero Sleepion is focused on getting users to experience non-REM sleep for longer periods of time, which will provide the highest level of restoration upon waking. The sleeping device can be placed upright or on it's side to orient it better towards the sleeper depending on the furniture layout.

The low power consumption of the Cheero Sleepion allow it to operate all night long without causing users to expect a large electricity bill.