The Atlas of Emotions was Commissioned by the Dalai Lama

 - May 13, 2016
References: atlasofemotions & fastcodesign
Emotions are a tricky thing and yet The Atlas of Emotions shows that they can be boiled down to a handful of core feelings. When isolating fear, disgust, anger, sadness and enjoyment, people are able to better understand how these emotions influence their daily lives. At least, with the help of The Atlas of Emotions.

Commissioned by the Dalai Lama and created with the help of top psychologist Paul Ekman, The Atlas of Emotions is meant to do more than encourage understanding, however. Ekman recalls his conversation with the Dalai Lama in which the latter said, "When we wanted to [navigate] the world, we needed a map. Could you make a map of emotions so we could get to a calmer state of mind?" And thus this map of sorts was born.