This Meat Alternative by Chef-Man Recreates Shawarma

 - Mar 18, 2016
'Shwarma' is a meat alternative by Chef-Man that's all-natural, gluten-free and vegan. The product also boasts an ingredient list that's free from artificial ingredients, fillers, sugar, cholesterol and preservatives. However, a few of the things that the product is rich in includes protein and dietary fiber. In comparison to real chicken, Chef-Man's Shwarma contains 90% less fat content.

In addition to selling "chicken" shawarma, Chef-Man also makes pre-cooked and pre-seasoned "beef" cubes, BBQ bites and Mexican "chicken" strips.

The globally inspired meat-free product is in line with several other emerging vegan and vegetarian products that are designed to closely replicate the realistic look and taste of authentic meat products, but in a compassionate and cruelty-free way.