This Line of Pressed Juice is Designed for Children

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: cawstonpress
Cawston Press is selling a line of pressed juice that is specifically designed to appeal to children. Although pressed juice is a popular choice for health-conscious adults, it is less appealing to children who are drawn to sweet and sugary drinks. These new fruit and vegetable blends feature eye-catching packaging that makes them especially appealing to children.

The Kids' Blends from Cawston Press consist of pressed juice made with fruits, vegetables and water. Each flavor comes in a kid-friendly juice box that is not only familiar, but also easy to enjoy on the go. The packages are adorned with simple graphics of the fruit inside and colorful names such as Sunshine Sipper and Apple & Summer Berries. The packages also reveal that the juice is not from concentrate, so that parents know they are making a healthy purchase.

The kid-friendly line from Cawston Press reveals how brands can effectively market nutritious adult beverages to children.