This Home Remote Control Features Device-Learning Capabilities

 - Dec 29, 2015
References: & kickstarter
'SmartEgg' is a home remote control that provide a simple solution for controlling multiple device. Many consumers find themselves with a different remote for each of the devices in their home. This means that consumers often find themselves struggling to learn how to use each of the different controls.

SmartEgg removes the hassle of having multiple remotes by integrating everything into a single device. The intuitive universal remote has the power to control numerous different devices directly from its user-friendly interface. Unlike other universal remotes, SmartEgg is equipped with self-learning capabilities. This means that it will adapt to older or newer devices and even respond to cues from other objects. For example, the SmartEgg will automatically mute the TV if the phone rings.

The intuitive home remote control ultimately makes it easier for consumers to manage multiple devices from a single platform.