VerifyMe's System Measures Faces, Voices, Retinas and More

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: verifyme & nasdaq
VerifyMe is an ID services platform that promises you can "forget your passwords" and businesses can still feel at ease about protecting identities, fraud and counterfeiting. The service implements a number of physical, cyber and biometric technology in order ensure a high level of security for all its end users.

Most recently, VerifyMe announced that it will be introducing advanced biometric security technology from KeyLemon into its newest version of the platform. Digital security solutions from VerifyMe replace passwords and pins with simple multi-factor authentications like facial, voice and fingerprint recognition, as well as personal color selection and GPS location detection. As VerifyMe's CEO describes: "Using a very simple user interface, our solution identifies that the user is a living person, not just a photo or video of the face, and it learns to identify that specific user even in a low light or noisy environment,"

Technologies like these are worked into VerifyMe's three-factor authentication system, which is designed to be as user-friendly as possible.