This Super-Yacht is Perfectly Symmetrical & Has a Pool Within the Ocean

 - Nov 9, 2015
References: robbreport & luxurylaunches
This fantasy-inducing super-yacht is a design masterpiece, with a perfectly symmetrical shape and an on-board infinity pool.

The 'Symmetry' super-yacht is a 590-foot long boat that is made for the ultimate in luxury travel experiences. Not only does it have a stunning saltwater infinity pool, but the boat's deck also features a gorgeous garden and an island-like lounge area that makes swimmers forget which side is the pool and which is the ocean.

Inside, the yacht has a glass-paneled gymnasium and bedrooms that open up to the ocean view. The splendor of the boat's design amazes many, with its multi-level symmetry looking most incredible when it is lit up against the glass-like sea at night.