Thomas Pink Will Supply Climbing Clothing for a Dinner on Mt. Everest

 - Apr 22, 2015
References: luxurydaily & luxurylaunches
If you're planning to ascend Mount Everest, you probably know that this requires some serious climbing clothing—but as for having a fancy dinner on the mountain, you're probably stumped as far as what to wear.

Currently, British adventurer Neil Laughton and a posse of eight are climbing Mount Everest, attempting to set a new record for hosting a black-tie dinner party at 7,100 meters, the highest elevation ever.

To ensure that all of the dinner party guests are appropriately dressed for a night of chilly al fresco dining, luxury clothing retailer Thomas Pink will be supplying its own superfine Dicken's suits. As well as keeping guests warm, the $1,400 all-wool suits will help to show off the brand's opulence and sense of adventure. This unusual expedition will also be used to raise awareness for Community Action Nepal, an organization that provides aid to the the indigenous mountain-dwellers of Nepal.