From Fast Food Weddings to Tire-Changing Concerts

 - May 17, 2015
From mobile theater trucks to tricky pranks, the most popular May 2015 publicity stunts show off a number of brands that were quick enough to spot a marketing opportunity and make the most of it.

When Zayn announced that he would be leaving One Direction, the quick-thinking minds at Kleenex set up a tissue station by the wax figure of Zayn at Madame Tussaud's. Similarly, Burger King made sure to make a big deal about the engagement of Joel Burger and Ashley King, offering to pay in full for the Burger-King wedding ceremony. Often crafted on the fly, the simplicity and quick turnaround of these publicity stunts commonly go viral online. Although these events can't always be planned for, you can expect that many brands are now thinking about how they will acknowledge the birth of the second royal baby.