Halls' Medicine Marketing Offers 'Animal Thereapy' with a Polar Bear

Halls' latest medicine marketing campaign in Asia takes care to leverage two major parts of its product: the soothing cool sensation of menthol and the cuteness of its polar bear mascot. The cough drop campaign is called the Delivery Bear Service, which provides the chance for the public to hug a replica bear in order to make them feel happier. One person who participates in the service will even get the chance to call the bear their own at the end of it. The soothing marketing campaign is specifically targeting young women and children, in celebration of Halls releasing two new products in the Japanese market.

Halls' Delivery Bear Service is a follow-up to the mysterious LALASH campaign last year, which involved a woman leading what seemed to be a real polar bear through the streets of Shibuya—rearrange the letters of "LALASH" and it spells out "Halls."