O2's Headphones Help Tv Fans Avoid Spoilers from Favorite Shows

 - Apr 18, 2015
References: o2priority
Now that a new season of TV has started and there are new premieres popping up left and right, most TV watchers could benefit from wearing a pair of these spoiler-avoiding headphones.

In the UK, spoilers will be more abundant than ever, since O2 partnered with Channel 4’s All4 in order to give its customers early access to TV shows like Peep Show, Fresh Meat and My Mad Fat Diary 48 hours before they were set to air normally. In an effort to sympathize with consumers who are not yet taking advantage of O2 Priority, O2 created branded headphones to protect innocent ears from being exposed to plot-ruining details too soon.

Since that the first four episodes of Game of Thrones season five have been leaked online, there are probably plenty of GOT fans who would happily wear these headphones.