Burger King Covers the Cost of an Illinois Couple's Burger-King Wedding

 - Apr 9, 2015
References: prexamples & tv.bamargera
Joel Burger and Ashley King are an Illinois couple who have been sweethearts since they first met in kindergarten and soon, there will be a Burger-King wedding. People get married every day, but it's the couple's last names that really stood out to fast food chain Burger King.

In a clever marketing stunt to celebrate the union of Burger and King, a representative from Burger King set up a Skype call to congratulate the couple. During this time, the brand announced that they would completely cover the costs of the wedding for the Burger-King couple. The couple was blown away by the generous offer and accepted. Comically, Burger King remarks that "All we ask in return is that they live happily ever after, and maybe name their first child Chicken Fry."

In the past, other fast food chains like Taco Bell have been clever to play off of real people who are named Ronald McDonald, in order to slam competitors. Although this kind of marketing is exploitative, this stunt from Burger King just happens to be opportune and works in everyone's favor.