This Fez Hotel is a Luxurious Blend of Traditional and Modern Styles

This Fez hotel is a stunning five-star lodging located on the former grounds of Marshal Lyautey’s summer palace. The resort melds traditional and contemporary Moroccan architectural styles and is filled with secret amenities and delightful details like bespoke furniture that add a refined personality to the brand.

The Hotel Sahrai's most luxurious feature, if there is just one, would likely be the resort's exclusive Givenchy spa. Exclusively branded spas are an increasingly relevant selling point for luxury accommodations, as apparent in Soho House's infamous Cowshed Spas at a handful of its clubhouses.

This over-the-top Fez hotel provides sweeping views of the surrounding landscapes and works an element of exclusivity and individual luxury that will make one forget they are staying at a resort rather than a personal palace.